2024 Women’s March Madness TV schedule: Tip times, TV channels, games, how to watch NCAA Tournament on Monday

The NCAA Women’s Tournament has reached a pivotal point as it progresses towards the last 16 teams. In a surprising turn of events, the second round of the tournament witnessed a major upset as Duke, ranked seventh, emerged triumphant over Ohio State, ranked second, in Columbus. The outcome of this round has defied expectations set by previous results, surprising many.

In a thrilling match on Monday, West Virginia came close to pulling off an unexpected victory against Iowa. The Hawkeyes have secured their spot in the Sweet 16 after a remarkable performance that showcased their skill and unwavering determination. As they gear up for their next challenge, they are set to face off against Colorado.

South Carolina’s top-ranked team has firmly secured their place in the Sweet 16, showcasing their undeniable dominance. In a stunning display of dominance, the team completely overwhelmed their opponents, North Carolina, with an incredible 47-point victory. LSU emerged victorious after a sluggish beginning, ultimately overpowering Middle Tennessee. The team currently leading the rankings In a stunning display of skill and determination, Texas emerged triumphant over Alabama, emerging victorious with a final score of 65-54.

In a thrilling matchup that has captivated both fans and experts, the highly anticipated game between Stanford and Iowa State lived up to its hype. With Stanford holding the No. 2 spot and Iowa State ranked No. 7, the showdown between these two powerhouse teams was nothing short of exhilarating. The two teams showcased their skill in an intense battle, exchanging impressive shots as the game neared its climactic moments.

Stanford emerged as the ultimate victors in a thrilling overtime showdown, securing a hard-fought and well-deserved win. Time is running out to print out your bracket! Don’t wait any longer! Prepare yourself for the upcoming events. In a breaking news update, we bring you the latest information on the tournament. Stay tuned to this page for regular updates on game schedules and start times in the upcoming weeks.

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