Netanyahu Cancels U.S.- Israel Meetings on Rafah, to Protest U.N. Resolution

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cancellation of a high-level team’s visit to Washington for consultations with U.S. officials on Monday is seen as a clear indication of the impact the adoption of the United Nations cease-fire resolution has had on the deteriorating U.S.-Israeli relationship. In a recent development, American authorities have issued a warning regarding Israel’s … Read more

U.S. and Britain Accuse China of Cyberespionage Campaign

The United States and the United Kingdom have issued a joint statement, revealing their plans to address the growing threat posed by China’s prominent cyber units. Allegations of a prominent Chinese intelligence service attempting to infiltrate vital American infrastructure, including power grids and defense systems, have led to several countries imposing sanctions. A recent revelation … Read more

ISIS behind brutal Moscow terror attack, France tells Russia, as Kremlin points to Ukraine

A tragic incident occurred in a performance arena close to Moscow, killing 137 people. The United States and France have both confirmed that intelligence indicates the Islamic State was involved in this terrible event, which is a major development. The Russian government has maintained its accusation that the attack was orchestrated by the Ukrainian government. … Read more