Baltimore bridge collapses after being struck by ship, 7 people in the water

A horrible incident has occurred in Baltimore as the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, plunging seven people and multiple automobiles into the Patapsco River. A video capturing the aftermath of a cargo ship’s impact with a Baltimore bridge has surfaced. The bridge appears to have sustained partial damage. On Tuesday, March 26, at about 1:30 in the morning, something happened.

As an integral component of Interstate 95, the three-kilometer-long Francis Scott Key Bridge serves an essential purpose. One of the most important north-south arteries in the United States runs from Miami, Florida, to Maine. After a collision with a ship, the Baltimore bridge gave way and fell into the Patapsco River. Due to an incident, all lanes in both directions of I-695 Key Bridge are closed. The Maryland Transportation Authority has apprised the public of the traffic rerouting that is now underway.

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