‘Yellowstone’ Star Kicked Off Plane For Refusing To Sit Next To Masked Passenger

Rodeo, wrangling, and other cowboy pursuits brought fame to American actor Forrie J. Smith. Forrie’s acting career has flourished thanks in large part to his extraordinary skill with horses and his long history of competing in rodeo contests. Famed actor Forrie J. Smith of Yellowstone fame recently took to Instagram to describe in great detail what happened on a flight.

He stated in a recent post that he was removed from the plane against his will and left for dead in Houston. Smith recently came clean about what happened, saying that he refused to sit next to another passenger who was wearing a mask. A person whose veracity is under scrutiny.

In a recent Instagram video, Smith voiced his displeasure with his seatmate for choosing not to wear a mask on the flight. Smith made the hasty decision to get off the aircraft. He was found to have drunk alcohol for three hours at the Houston airport, according to a recent statement. His sobriety was made abundantly evident to the audience, though.

He provided more evidence for his claims in a subsequent statement in which he admitted that suspicions of intoxication were a factor in his debarment from the aircraft. Famous actor Lloyd Pierce, who played the lead in a popular Western series, has spoken out against what he sees as the dissemination of misinformation.

Thanks to its almost 21,000 likes, a video has gone viral online. Many have chimed in with their interest in the motivations behind the apparent worry over mask-wearing in the comments section. Despite multiple requests for answers from other media outlets, the spokesman has remained silent on the subject, leaving the topic unsolved. The 65-year-old actor’s final resting place and airline are now unknown. It is unclear from the user’s Instagram video if Houston was their first airport or just a layover.

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