It’s not just you: ChatGPT is down for many Worldwide

Problems are surfacing for users all across the world with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Login problems, missing chat history, and incorrectly loading chat displays are just a few of the issues that users have been seeing. Sometimes when using ChatGPT, users see the message “How can I assist you today?” followed by a blank screen.

It has been discovered that the conversation history is missing on occasion. Reports have surfaced of people experiencing issues while trying to access GPT-4. There have been reports of some ChatGPT Plus subscribers experiencing issues accessing the site. The website DownDetector, which tracks service disruptions, reports that ChatGPT experienced an outage not long ago.

Users across a number of regions, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Japan, and Australia, among others, are reportedly experiencing an outage at the moment. Issues with the broken user interface and the inaccessibility of ChatGPT on mobile and desktop platforms have been voiced by a number of Reddit users as of late.

A global service outage has begun impacting users from all corners of the globe, including those with a ChatGPT Plus subscription. According to its status page, OpenAI has still not responded to the reports.

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