Microsoft Bing Chief Exiting Role After Suleyman Named AI Leader

Microsoft Corp.’s Bing search engine and advertising divisions are currently being led by Mikhail Parakhin, who has announced his resignation. A surprise development is that Mustafa Suleyman, who was just hired to lead consumer artificial intelligence projects, has requested that Parakhin report to him. This choice is made just one week following Suleyman’s appointment. The … Read more

Android 15 brings three keyboard features that One UI already offers

Recently, rumors have been circulating that slow keys, an extra feature to the existing options, would be implemented shortly. An eagerly anticipated third option has finally made its debut. Three new accessibility features designed with physical keyboards in mind are available in the current version of Android, 15 Developer Preview 2, according to a report … Read more

Hackers poison Source Code from largest Discord bot platform

Surprisingly, a severe supply-chain attack has just targeted the Discord bot community, which boasts an amazing membership of over 170,000 individuals. There was a worrying goal found in the most recent assault. A very harmful virus has been targeted toward developers by the attackers. The purpose of this harmful software is to steal confidential … Read more

It’s not just you: ChatGPT is down for many Worldwide

Problems are surfacing for users all across the world with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Login problems, missing chat history, and incorrectly loading chat displays are just a few of the issues that users have been seeing. Sometimes when using ChatGPT, users see the message “How can I assist you today?” followed by a blank screen. It has … Read more